Errol does Origin … presenting our winners!

July 16th, 2013

The time has come darling! We have found our amazing, inspiring, dedicated, unhinged, and willing winners to come and hang out on Wednesday night in the glorious surrounds of ANZ Stadium and watch the game where NSW take back Origin.


Yep, we have found three brave lucky winners to come enjoy the Errol-suite with us. It was meant to be two, but y’all are just too cute to narrow it down!

So please welcome our three Errol legends!

The creator of this (eerily accurate) Errol artwork, Adam:


The best bit is that tiny, tiny QUEENSLAND SUCKS in the bottom corner. Adam, you know us so well.

Next up, the gorgeous and LIMBER Olivia:


And lastly, the incredible human who made us a RAP VIDEO IN NEWCASTLE. Oh man, is there anything more errol? We love regional Australia, ridiculous beanies, and making spectacles of ourselves in public. It’s possible we are soulmates.

Congratulations Violet!

So now the basics are pretty simple – you three legends get to come to ANZ Stadium with us, head up to the Errol Suite and watch the mighty Blues win stuff while you drink champas, eat amazing food and generally live like kings.

But life is also complicated, so there are a couple very important rules our winners need to remember.

1. THE MORE THE MERRIER! You are all invited with a plus one. So bring a pal, and get ready to make friends. 

2. NO QUEENSLANDERS ALLOWED. We warn you now, you cheer for Queensland, we may go Trent Merrin on y’all. And we all know there is no sin bin in the Errol suite. 

3. NO THONGS. There are two times in life when we are willing to make the sacrifice of NOT wearing our havaianas in public and wearing Proper Shoes instead. One of these times in ANZAC Day. The other is when ANZ Stadium gives you the greatest gift of all … a Suite to watch Origin in. Seriously. Wear shoes. Sassy has feet like canoes so unless you’re Sideshow Bob you can’t borrow hers.

4. Last – and most importantly – WHAT HAPPENS IN THE ERROL SUITE … GOES ON THE ERROL TWITTER. We expect gropes and photos. Don’t disappoint us. When we get disappointed, we get punchy.

See you tomorrow night, lovers!

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Errol gets classy for Origin … with a little help.

July 9th, 2013



We are having an Origin shindig thanks to lovely folks at ANZ Stadium … and we want to meet you!

Well, some of you, anyway.

Here’s the deal:

Because they are insane generous, the good people at ANZ Stadium have decided that the best way to celebrate Origin 3 – ONE IN A ROW! WOO! – is by putting on an Oh Errol mini-party in the corporate area of the Stadium.


It’s almost as if they don’t mind that we are probably going to drink all the good champas and yell at Queenslanders. Is karate-chopping allowed in the corporate area? We’re asking for a friend.

And the best bit is that TWO lucky Errol readers/fans/associates/sympathisers will be in there with us. Yep, inside in the toasty warmth drinking drinks, eating food, high-rolling, probably wearing furs and such.  It’ll be like we’re living the Ignition film clip.

Or for the visual learners out there: kinda like this.

Whoever wins gets to come on in, live it up, meet us (is that a positive or a negative?) and hang out with some of our very favourite footy players.

Even better, the two awesome winners get to bring a friend each.


Here’s what to do to win a spot in the Errol-suite for Origin 3. Aka THE NIGHT WE TAKE BACK THE SHIELD. aka ONE IN A ROW BABY!*

TO BE A PART OF THE ERROL SUITE: Just tweet @oherrol and @ANZStadium a picture or video that shows your dedication to the Blues … with an Errol twist. If you are a Queenslander, and you want to enter – YOU STILL HAVE TO BACK THE BLUES. No excuses!


We’re thinking something like … dancing in a Blues jersey and hotpants to the aussie Crawl classic “Oh Errol.”

Inventing the first ever VB-based Oh Errol cocktail.

Growing a pencil moustache and photographing yourself in a Blues jersey and Robin Hood tights.

Dressing your cattledog in blue sequins.

These are just suggestions, we’re sure you can come up with something even more ridiculous and hilarious. DO YOUR BEST DARLINGS!

We can’t wait to see your awesome entries and eat and drink with y’all xx

* Please send an email if you want a ’1 in a row’ T shirt. We may pre-order them from China. We are v entrepreneurial.

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WE’RE BAAAAAACK! and we still hate Queensland

June 25th, 2013


SUP BITCHES! You’ve all been begging and begging and begggggging for us to make a return to blogging and we couldn’t ignore you for any longer. Nothing makes our footy loving hearts beat any faster than State of Origin, so we’re making our come back in time for Game 2.

After Game 1, we were so pumped we thought we were gonna explode. Could this finally be it? Could the abject horror of the last 7 years be coming to a close ? Perhaps the disgustingly evil force that is Queensland be faltering? Needless to say we were counting down the days to Game 2, confident we finally had the team that could do the job and crush Maroon hearts the way they deserve to be crushed.

Then bit by bit, that dream crumbled. First James Tamou forgot that taxis exist and decided to drive a car drunker than us at the Judgy at 5am. YOU IDIOT. Then Jarryd Hayne busted his leg. DAMNIT. Then, in the biggest dick move in the history of the world, Josh Dugan and Blake Ferguson decided to put themselves ahead of an entire state of people and get drunk and land their asses in trouble. WE WILL KILL YOU. YOU DEREKS.


Sure Duges escaped the incident with his career in tact, but only just. We are the first people to stand up for footy players and believe they should be able to have a normal life, some beers and and good night out. But when you’re Josh Dugan and Blake Ferugson and you’ve been in career endangering trouble over and over again, you do not celebrate your redemption by going out and getting on the piss while in camp. NO. JUST NO.

We’re ropable. Deadset ropable. It’s screwed up on two levels. Firstly, it’s a fucking honour to play for NSW. It’s not a right, it’s a privelige. To pull on that sky blue jersey, to run into battle to fight next to your brothers, to honour those Blues that have come before you, to represent 7 million New South Welshpeople who’ve put their faith in you….that MEANS something.

Secondly, there’s hundreds of players that would literally kill to play for their state. To represent us with honour and pride and commitment. Maybe not literally hundreds, but we’re pretty sure Nathan Peats would actually choke a bitch to play for NSW. And that’s why we love him.


Fergo and Duges fuckery is an insult to those hopefuls, it’s an insult to Laurie Daley and those who trusted them, it’s an insult to the players of the past and most importantly an insult to every NSW fan that continues to blindly believe in the Blues despite the 7 years of pure torture. So yeah, we are MAD.

But now it’s time to refocus. The time has come to concentrate on what Origin is all about : ferociously hating Queensland.

Because we’re idiots, we like lists. So here we go : REASONS TO HATE QUEENSLAND PART 1 (there’s so many we can’t fit them into one post)

1) Pauline Hanson - only in Queensland would this thin lipped racist ranga be able to emerge and be elected. Nothing is more Queensland than being a raging xenophobe but now even knowing what the word means. She also went to jail for electoral fraud. So not only is she a moronic racist, she’s also a criminal. One of ya best Queensland!

2) Bundaberg Rum - what the hell guys? We respect your right to have a state drink, but for the love of all that is good and holy, why can’t you pick one that tastes less like sugary vomit? Gross.

3) The colour maroon – we’ve said it before, but maroon is just red that got some shit in it. Of all the colours in the spectrum, those idiots north of the border CHOSE MAROON. That’s all we need to know about them.

4) Joh Bjelke Peterson – some of you may be too young to remember, but Joh was was the Premier of the great northern wasteland for 20 years from the 60s to the 80s. Much like Ben Teo, he was born in New Zealand.Perhaps this is where their bullshit selection policies began?

During that time, Joh enjoyed crushing Indigenous land rights, running an institutionally corrupt government and helping to bring down the greatest thing that’s ever happened to this country : Gough Whitlam. His holiness Gough is a beacon of liberalism, fairness and equal rights and Joh actively tried to crush him. OF COURSE HE DID. BLOODY QUEENSLAND.

In a decidedly Queensland twist, his wife Flo founded the Flo Bjelke Peterson School of Physical Culture. For those that are unfamilar with physie, it’s an unholy union of gymnastics and dancing. That is, it contains no actual gymnastics or dancing. It’s basically girls in leotards walking in a square. To be frank : it’s dancing for uncos.

Kiki was shoved in dance class from the age of 3 and remembers actively making fun of the physie kids that inexplicably managed to rent a room in her dance school. Point and laugh everyone, physie IS Queensland.

5) Mal Meninga’s conspiracy theories - Because they really are getting out of control.


THERE. Now we’ve got that out of our system. We hate that our blind hatred for Queensland has made us rant at our own sky blue players.

The truth is that Josh Dugan hasn’t done anything even remotely criminal on his night out in the Shire last week (that we know of) and as soon as he runs out at Suncorp we will be 100% TEAM DUGAN DON’T YOU TOUCH HIM SAM THAIDAY HE’S OURS YOU MONSTER.

Also, if we’re being truthful, sitting in a dinghy, on land, by the side of the road with your mate with some drinks and a fishing rod while pretending to fish sounds totally fun. Can we come next time Duges?



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one for the ladies

June 19th, 2012

We just watched the Women in League TVC made by the NRL and it’s a bit beautiful, don’t you think?

Beautifully written, beautifully made and a beautiful example of how much people can give to something they love, like their kids, or plain old footy, without being paid big bucks or lavished with attention.

It also says to girls and young women something you’d kinda hope to say to every kid: that what you do with your time is valuable. That even if it doesn’t feel like people care, hard work is its own reward. That sooner or later, the world will notice. That you should and can do whatever you choose to do, even if it doesn’t seem glamorous or impressive.

But for girls, that’s where it gets a bit tricky. If you get what you want, and if what you want is a chance to make a living in rugby league, then all of a sudden there’s a whole lot of can’t in your life.

Can’t buy shoes with peep-toes anymore cause people with spikes are running in the vicinity.
Can’t quite manage to find a unisex polo shirt that fits.
Can’t travel with the team cause there’s no-one to room with.
Can’t pee for the next twenty minutes cause there are naked dudes in there changing.
Can’t go into the sheds with the other journos and interview players because the stadium security guard doesn’t think ladies belong there.
Can’t guarantee I won’t crack it if another person asks me where I “picked up” my workmates when they see us in a pub.
Can’t get drawn into an argument when people say the team’s playing “like fucking girls!”
Can’t remember the last time you got your hair-colour done.
Can’t be bothered answering that question in the press box cause you always just ask my male colleague afterwards anyway.

But the truth is … can’t is not unusual. You can’t find an easy job in footy, no matter how hard you look and no matter what you’re hiding under your team-issue trackies. For most, a full-time job means seven days a week, because footy waits for no man (or woman). It means arriving at 8am to start supervising preparations for a 7.30pm kick-off. It means staying until 1am to film and upload press conferences and interviews. It means coming into the office at 5am to read through all the emails from fans with suggestions for changes to the playing roster: “dear sir, thank you for your email …”

I’ve met the ladies and men who do all those jobs.

For the guys who wear jerseys, it means pushing your body to its limits, a public private life, and the chance that living your dream will leave you in pain for the rest of your life.

So why would you bother? At least the players get fame for a little while, glory if they’re lucky, and riches if they sign up with a media network once they retire.

Everyone else just gets a polo shirt and a party pie on game day.

The real question is how could you NOT bother?

For every johnny anonymous who calls you a slut, there are ten men with the kind of crows feet that come from watching a footy team train every morning who will sit down and have a beer with you and talk about the game. For a girl who’s been more used to being told she doesn’t understand offside and marker defence, that feels like a gold medal.


Or a premiership-winning captain who’ll stick his head in and tell you that you look like a million bucks. Probably because you wore lipstick that day. Fancy!

Best of all, there’s the hug that comes after you win a game you were written-off in and you could swear every one of your 8pm rage-outs in the office actually helped it happen.

There is nothing like it. It’s the closest you can ever hope to get to the game you love. Toilets with no hand soap in them don’t mean much in comparison.

Sure, maybe because of your ladyparts … you could never have achieved it in an NRL jersey. But you got the next best thing.

And that’s the answer to the final question: why Women in League round?

Because, like men who want to become nurses, or women who want to fix cars, women who make a living in rugby league do it hard. They take second-best to get there from people who don’t think chicks belong anywhere near a footy field, or people who simply think they’re strange.

Sometimes, they take second-best because they think there will never be a chance for them to run out in a women’s rugby league competition for anything more than a bag of peanuts and a few heckles.

And outside the NRL, they do it for love not money. They do it to try and make sure that their own kids can have everything they want, including a chance to put on their size small junior socks and play footy on the weekend.

So why not have a week to stop and say to all the women in league: good job, ladies … and sorry about the polo shirts.

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we can’t help it if we’re popular: a defence of rugby league

January 6th, 2012

People! We have shocking and alarming news. Please, sit. Maybe grab a hanky and hold it to your mouth with a fluttery hand.

Paul Pottinger thinks our beloved rugby league is an atrocity.

First of all, atrocity is not a word to be thrown around lightly, young man. (Old man? Middle-aged man? Who knows. We care not for proper research. Would much prefer to eat crisps and watch cricket).

‘Atrocity’ is Significant. It should be saved for situations where it is warranted, like war crimes, Kardashians and Queensland winning a seventh Origin.

Mysterious-aged-Paul tells us no footy means none of the:

“… stifling tedium of blanket coverage, the grinding banality of match commentary, the sub-trivial parish pump gossip and news of yet another player’s off-field atrocity.”

“The featureless white noise of the mate-against-mate, meathead-against-meathead cavalcade is comfortably distant; just a grim prospect. Like root canal treatment.”

Pretty sure as soon as Robbie Farah comes home from the cricket and Ben Te’o finishes his law readings for the day they will both be OUTRAGED at being called meatheads, Paolo.

(Can we call you Paolo? We think it makes you sound more festive.)

Apparently Paolo has a few gripes with footy.

Number one is that a non-Yank once missed his flight and then played for the Tomahawks.

You know who’s missed a flight and isn’t mentioned in this article? EVERYONE WE KNOW.

You know who has a particularly loose grasp on the concept of international allegiance and isn’t mentioned in this article? EVERYONE IN ENGLISH CRICKET.

It’s probably not even worth pointing out that calling our special brand of footy “a loud provincial oaf let loose upon the big city – obnoxious, flatulent and prone to publicly displaying its genitals” is pretty damn ironic. It’s actually the verbal equivalent of a giant blimp named “the Irony” that flies around in the airspace above rural Victoria filled with pantsless players from St Kilda.

SEE WHAT WE DID THERE? Almost as good as when we put a CRL logo on an orange.

Number two is that we have tackles, and not proper ye olde rucks. This is ‘manufactured’. As opposed to say, NFL. Or penalty goals. Or anything else that happens due to rules and not the natural flow of a bunch of guys holding a ball.

Oh honey, we are sensing a pattern. Despite being pretty much dudes in dresses, we do occasionally do girly things.

We have spent countless hours with our girls getting drunk, eating cheese and analysing why boys do the things they do.

Why does he like her? Why didn’t he call? What does this text mean? HE WROTE AN X AT THE END THAT MEANS HE LOVES ME RIGHT? Yeah, we’re neurotic and stereotypical. We admit it.

But all that experience is why we were able to come up with some special ladylike insight into Paolo’s opinion piece.

He doesn’t really hate league cause of it’s American-football-style corporate sponsorship, the money it – like AFL – gets from booze companies, its rules, how muscly its players are, or the fact that, like Rugby union, there are only four countries with a proper hope in hell of winning each World Cup.

Nope, like he says, he doesn’t dislike it at all.

What he really hates is that other people adore it. It’s just like when your ex-boyfriend gets his next girlfriend. You don’t actually hate this girl, even if she the lady equivalent of rugby league. You don’t hate her cause she’s brassy or loud, hates wearing pants, loves smashing too many cans, tells the same stories or says inappropriate things. Not gonna lie, that was just a description of our worst qualities.

You feel like ya hate her cause he likes her more than you. Just like Paolo hates rugby league, and not other sports with the same sponsors or scandals. Paolo hates that the Sydney papers and his neighbours down the street like it more than … whatever he follows. For some reason it feels like it’s probably rugby union as well as MMA. And even though MMA is objectively AWESOME, the whole thing is still better summed up with a different four-letter word: envy.

Confession: we do all care to a creepy degree. WE JUST REALLY LOVE FOOTY. Why else would we give a shit that Ben Hannant had swine flu? Or that Brett White enjoys Bonsai as a hobby? Dude’s right to be envious of how much passion there is for league, on and off the field. It’s why we like punch-ons. It’s proof they’re feeling as angry as we are.

Our saints are like B.Moz, the NSW winger with the broken leg who leaps onto it anyway. Our holy day is when we stop and remember John Sattler’s broken jaw.

And despite what ya might think, Paolo, that passion is why footy is on your back pages eight months a year, not the fact that the sport continued through WWI. Sometimes players punch on, sometimes they get outed on TV for having the runs, sometimes TVs fall apart and Billy Idol happens, but we love our league anyway.

How did the Johnny Come Comparatively Lately code wrest popularity from its parent? By inherent superiority? Crowd-pleasingly open play? Or the fact that for five seasons it was the only game in town?

The NSW and Queensland rugby unions suspended senior competition during World War I. Rugby league did not. When Balmain played Glebe in the 1915 grand final, young men were being sacrificed at Gallipoli. The Queensland Rugby Union was unable to reform until 1929.

By no means do I impugn those who played on or to suggest that many thousands have not worn both khaki and club colours. But it does strike me as a slightly anomalous note when the code wraps itself in the flag and has the Last Post played at its Anzac Day Test.

There are only three paragraphs in your article that make us angry, and there they are! As entertaining as it might be to think league joyfully embraced World War as an opportunity to play more games, grow their brand and conquer the Australian market while the soldier’s backs were turned … BITCH PLEASE.

Yes, and they probably also went back to the sheds afterwards and laughed it up at how funny it was that their friends and countrymen were dying, too, huh?

If you wanna know more about all the OTHER sports that played on through the war, RL1908 can tell you all about ‘em.

And if you wanna read a much more smarterer and more eloquent guy explaining why he loves rugby league despite/because of its violence, you should read Murderous Exhibitions by Michael Winkler. It’s AMAZING.

In the meantime, we’re gonna drink some industrial beer and count down to round one, and let Gretchen Weiners sum this whole thing up in one easy sentence:

Love and kisses,
Kiki and Sassy

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Queensland: 6 in a row, to match their toes

July 7th, 2011

Congratulations Queensland! You have 6 Origin victories in a row, all neatly lined up to match your 6 toes. And we don’t want to be sore losers, so we’ve graced Errol with the new Queensland state flag (see above). See! We are totally down with good sportsmanship and giving credit when it’s due.

As for the game, well … it happened. And the world is still turning. Not gonna lie though, that shit hurt. This arvo a bloke came into Kiki’s workplace brazenly wearing a maroon scarf. After she launched a tirade of abuse at him he very nervously squeaked ‘sorry bro, I’m from New Zealand … I didn’t even think! It’s just cold today hey….’

Sorry mate. Speaking of New Zealanders in maroon scarves, what in the hell was Sonny Bill Feelings doing on the sidelines giving his expert commentary? WHY? Why do Channel 9 constantly give air time to other sports during rugby league programming? That shit has to end.

More importantly, why was SBW wearing a maroon scarf? Oh that’s right, coz he’s a hateful turncoat with no soul who sneaks away in the middle of the night because he doesn’t want tell his team mates he’s leaving. YEH WE HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN THAT SONNY BILL. Remember when you played for NSW Schoolboys SBW?

Just imagine us doing this while we type. It is 65% accurate.

And we need to talk about that Darren Lockyer ‘tribute’. It’s taken us almost a whole day to digest that. That was by far the most upsetting thing we’ve ever seen. And we used to be regulars at a certain 24-hour establishment in Taylor Square that shall remain nameless so we have seen THINGS. Trust this.

We would find the video on You Tube and dissect it piece by piece but our constitutions are too delicate to be put through that. We love you guys and all, but not that much.

The bottom line is we love a montage. Absolute BANDITS for one. The music, the slow-mo, the hazy after-effects. Aaaah, bliss! But watching close-ups of Darren Lockyer’s black eye and the town of Roma set to a tinkly piano tune stolen from a serial killer re-enactment on the Crime Investigation channel is not enjoyable.

In other circumstances, we would probably just hate Lockyer like we hate all Queenslanders: when they wear maroon / when they get Queensland tattoos / for three nights a year.

But every time people from North of the Tweed tell us Darren Lockyer is a legend, a Prince, or a hero, it annoys the hell out of us.

So watching creepy video packages about Darren Lockyer’s home town is WORSE THAN THE WORST.  How dare you try and make us Feel Feelings about a man with five Origin series wins in a row!

Yesterday Kiki accidentally saw photos on the interwebz of a smashed up dead body after a car accident. There was visible brain matter. That was less upsetting than the Lockyer tribute.

Remember when Mufasa gets trampled alive after saving Simba in the Lion King? That is less upsetting than the Lockyer tribute.

One time we watched a documentary on Foxtel about people who fall in love with, and have sex with, inaminate objects. One particularly memorable scene shows a lady making out with a rollercoaster.

That is less upsetting than the Lockyer tribute.

See where we’re going with this? Darren Lockyer may be a ‘legend’, and he’s had a fantastic career, but he is not OUR legend. Just like how John Howard was never our Prime Minister. Doesn’t matter how many montages we’re forced to watch, or live crosses to his brain (seriously …) or tweets of OMGZ U GUYZ HOW CAN U NOT RESPECT LOCKYER!!111!…..we just don’t get it. And we will never will.

More importantly, Queensland, you may have Lockyer but you will never be this adorable. Hah!

Mainly this is because, for every Queenslander who is normal and functional, there is a Queenslander – a FEMALE Queenslander – who pees on their seat. At Suncorp Stadium. While Lockyer is giving his speech. And y’all wonder why we make fun of you … seriously.


We know that last night’s game wasn’t NSW’s finest moment. As in … we know our boys can do better than this. They HAVE done better than this. Like Parramatta smashing the Bulldogs in the 2009 finals series, we peaked a game too early.

But if the Blues played 95% in game two, we’d call this 80. Don’t ya think? Eighty percent execution, maybe due to nerves. There were still some barnstorming Aku Uate runs, some delightful footwork from Jamie Soward when he carried instead of kicked, and incredible defence. But there were also a lot of kicks straight into Maroons players arms, kicks to places kicks should not go, a few dumb penalties, and that time Minichiello tripped over.

We know Birdy … we feel the same.

It’s possible that Ronnie Palmer also accidentally set the Gallen-bot to just ‘main’ instead of ‘DECIMATE’ which is what he did in game two.

Just because he’s a machine doesn’t mean he can’t feel.

But in the next column over, we give the Blues 100% for heart. Mick Ennis showed so much heart that he broke his sternum.

At times they were majestic to watch. Like when Luke Lewis wove his bogan mojo and the Blues charged through a mess of sprawling Maroons to score our first try.

What can we say except … footyboner.

We is PROUD.

And to prove that we do have hearts, we’ll admit that Sassy was legitimately distressed when Johnathon Thurston was injured. (Kiki had no opinion because she had been banished to her room)

We love watching him laugh his dopey laugh, even when it’s because he’s come back on field in a wheelchair and is completely off his face from the pain medication he’s sucking down on.

Pssst, pass the green whistle, would ya, JT? NSW NEEDS IT TOOOOO.

The bottom line though, is this. We aren’t broken yet. You won’t catch us telling anyone Origin is dead.

Queensland, you’ve won 6 in a row. You may win 7 or even 10 in a row. But know this: it will never be easy. We will fight you for every metre. You will have to earn every inch, every blade of grass.

You will bleed. We will hit you … hard. Bones will break and muscles will tear and we will be there every single year to hurt you again and again and again. No victory will be effortless.

Know this too: we hate you. We hate your maroon jerseys, your smugness and your blatant player stealing. We hate your cheap shots, the bizarre Lockyer worship and your complete lack of irony.

You may dominate on the scoreboard but despite your self mythologizing fantasies, you will never dominate in heart. Don’t you ever get comfortable, because we will never submit.


Game pics. Getty Images

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tick tock, tick tock

June 29th, 2011

Time has been ticking away in so many senses lately. So much work at our regular day-jobs! So many days since we posted! So few days till the Origin III decider!

So until we get twenty minutes to ourselves to sip one of intern John-John’s margaritas and bash out something new, here’s a photo of Beau Scott looking like a hilarious old man:

More here

Or if you really can’t bear to be without us for one more day, why don’t you run out and grab the latest issue of Shop til you Drop (with Samantha Harris on the cover!) for some words of wisdom from Sassy:

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origin II: rise of the machine … and the #boganboner

June 16th, 2011

Er, well, this is a little awkward. Want to know who won our Cattledog Minutes comp for State of Origin II? Um … no one. The biff was absent. The closest we got to a melee was Michael Ennis opening his mouth and screaming YEAAAAAH like a deranged Eddie Munster into Sam Thaiday’s face. And did we enjoy it? Fuck yes!

We loved it almost as much as this moment:

When Nathan Hindmarsh accidentally walked through shot while Jebediah put on the pre-game entertainment. Oh Hindy, we love you more than life. Especially for tweeting the evidence, because Kiki missed it during the game. There are many things that Would Only Happen In Rugby League. The swine flu outbreak of 2009, brawls in a charity match to raise money for flood victims, heads being stapled up on the sideline…and of course, the moment above. LOVE YA RUGBY LEAGUE!

But back to Ennis: does it count as Cattledog? Sadly, no.

So instead, we’re saving this game’s prize, and next game there will be TWO prizes. One for the closest Queenslander and one for the closest Blue. We are all about fairness.

Luckily, in place of a a biff, we had 80 full minutes of New South Wales glory. Let’s break it down, shall we?


Oh, Anthony Minichiello, how we missed you! No one teaches children how to count like you do. If we ever needed proof that old men still got it, Mini brought it. Under the high ball? Safe as houses! He probably has many of them, too, as investment properties, because he’s old. Seriously, he’s in his thirties. That’s like being 80 in regular person years, and we all know old people love real estate. Plus he had to do something with all that spare time while he recuperated from injury.

Mini’s catch of the high ball in-goal was a thing of beauty, and seeing him sail over for a try brought a tear to Sassy’s eye. He’s a recycled fullback but he’s as good as new. Plus, he matches beautifully with our recycled coach, Ricky Stuart, recycled centre, Mark Gasnier, and shiny recycled utility book-ends Kurt Gidley and Luke Lewis.

One of our favourite hobbies is saying Kurt Gidley ruins things. Because, well, he often does. Not necessarily through incompetence or malice, but usually, just by being where he’s asked to be.

Gidley can ruin an Origin game out on the field the same way a whale ruins a picnic table … just by being on it.

Gidley ruins Origin the way a fly ruins a bowl of soup. Or a bird poo ruins a perfectly clean car. It’s all about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And by wrong place, we mean ‘captaining from the bench’, or ‘NSW fullback’. Sure it’s not his fault, but when the bird’s not around, you get angry at the poo. You know?

Know where he doesn’t ruin things? PLAYING INTERCHANGE DUMMY HALF.

Seeing Gidley come off the bench last night was like seeing a whale leap back into the ocean.


He was quick with the ball from the ruck, his off-loads were sneaky and plentiful. It’s not a coincidence that when he came on the NSW attack lifted in intensity. We were approx. 62% more dangerous. It’s just science.

What can a girl say except #BOGANBONER?

And if Free Gidley was responsible for 18% of that made up statistic, our man Luke Lewis was the rest. What a spectacular human. When Josh ‘Hot Bogan’ Dugan was felled by injury we were worried our bogan quota would go unfilled but thankfully for NSW, Luke Lewis came roaring into the side. AND HOW! In years to come, aliens will try and figure out our culture by watching video of him looming from the right of frame, powering like a cannon ball to slam into Cooper Cronk (lucky for Fierce Bitch Cooper he is partly adamantium and therefore uncrushable) and save a Maroons try.

Sassy told Twitter last night that she was starting to have the kind of thoughts about Luke Lewis  that lead to dreams of getting married in Penrith and serving home brew at the reception, and after a night to think about it Kiki’s totally on board too. How can we resist that frosty-haired spunk? LUKE. CALL US YOU HOT ANGRY BOGAN.

Whats that? How can you guys have a crush on a man who proudly sports blonde foils in the year 2011? Pleaaaaase. Everyone knows Australian sporting power prowess has a direct connection to hair bleach and streaking caps. See below.

Now all of you kneel and pay homage to the lord of the #boganboner. Thanks.


Oh good lord, Will Hopoate. What are you doing to us, boy? Playing with so much confidence, scoring a try in the corner like a less-Maroon and less-hateful Justin Hodges, deciding to leave us for two years, LOOKING LIKE THAT. If having dirty thoughts about a 19 year old Mormon is wrong, we don’t wanna be right. Don’t lie, you all did too. Even the straight men.

As much as we respect his choice to go on his mission and spend two years testing young ladies’ ability to concentrate on things other than staring at Hoppa, we can’t wait for him to come back into the loving arms of NSW. Ho.Ju you are a revelation, to the fans AND to newspaper sub-editors who get to make up witty ‘mission’ headlines about you. Also, we hope you enjoyed the slightly smuttier ‘missonary’ jokes we made on Twitter during the game.

At first we were mourning the loss of such a beautiful caramel man to religion, then Errol bestie and generally awesome human, Bec, suggested that we should take advantage of his Mormonism and…wait for it….MARRY HIM! This is the best idea we’ve ever heard and have so far recruited Errol friendz Kaz and Anna to be our sister wives. We love big hair and pastel colours and communal kitchens. This can’t go wrong!

The Hopoate sister wives agree, their husband’s eyelashes really are spectacular.

And come on down, NSW’s new starting five-eighth!

Jamie Soward has long been an Errol fave. We didn’t come late to the party. We are always ahead of the pack, some may call us innovators, cultural zeitgeists and visionaries…. and we have to agree. Much like Uncle Wayne, we’ve always believed in Sowie’s ability. Unlike Uncle Wayne, we say things like ‘fuck all y’all haterz’ when he plays his heart out and proves bitches everywhere wrong.

We honestly don’t understand the Sowie hate. He is adorable. A bossy little bitch who kicks like an angel and yells at us for running in a water park (long story). The biggest criticism he cops is that he doesn’t run at the line enough. Or that when the game is on the line he doesn’t make the big plays. Well now…take one look at that try he set up for Mini and you tell us….IS THAT A LINE RUN OR WHAT? HUH? BIG PLAY YES? Yeh, thought so. Now all of you eat your words while we watch and clap with delight, confirming once again : we are always right.



Usually, this section would be about Greg Inglis.


But GI was surprisingly quiet last night. Quiet, and fumbly. Is he okay? (Serious question … is he?)

Machines don’t smile.

So instead, we’re gonna borrow a nickname from our idols Roy and HG, and give it to the the mighty Blues captain … O Gallen, our Captain!

We crown him the new Brick with Eyes. He’s completely rectangular and he can play Origin like a demon for a full 80 minutes. He is a straight up FREAK.

Last year (or maybe the year before, we’re bloggers not historians people!) in an argument about Toyota Park and the Sharks in general (you know we love hating them) we said the road to redemption for Gallen was to forget about the media and just focus on cleaning up his game on the field. He has. And he’s better, no? You don’t need to fuck around when you can play like that.

Luke Lewis agrees.


Or, 17 something blues. Plus Tommy Learoyd-Lahrs. And Ronnie Palmer. And Jim Dym .. LOOK WE’RE JUST REALLY PROUD. OF ALL OF YOU.

To paraphrase Mitchell Pearce, it was the one of the Best Origins EVER. Greg Bird was so happy! Anthony Watmough actually broke up a fight instead of starting one! Aku Uate ran the ball as hard as Paul Gallen! Trent Merrin existed and/or was adorable:

(that one’s from Gregg Porteous)

Next step: to win the series-slash-ruin Darren Lockyer’s farewell. Like that time we stopped Queensland getting a tropical holiday. Oh man that was sweet.

Here’s to New South Wales, bogans, pettiness and victory!

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origin II … it’s time

June 14th, 2011

Only one sleep till Origin II, babies! And before we all lose our damn minds tomorrow, we need to tell you two important things.

1. Clear your schedules cause we’re gonna be on the wireless on Triple J after 3.30pm on Wednesday, talking all things Origin. Wheee!

2. As the Blues head to victory at ANZ Stadium tomorrow night, we will be playing the second round of the legendary* Cattledog Minutes.

So what’s the deal? It’s easy. You guess the minute of the game when a Blues player first throws a punch or generally creates some argy-bargy. The way we decide whether Cattledog occurs is that the argy-bargy has to be argy and/or bargy enough to attract the referee’s attention. Too easy!

The prize for the person who gets closest is some seriously chocolatey M&M goodness in the team colour of their choice. To enter, you just have to comment here, or tell us your guess on our Facebook page or Twitter. Mmmmmmmm tastes like winning.

Thank you AGAIN to the dudes over at M&Ms for sending through some tasty Origin M&Ms for the winner. They get to pick whether they would prefer to eat their team or the opposition and we’ll post them out. Although, if you guys want some of your own and can’t mange to wait a whole day, you can get ‘em at Coles for $12.50.

The best thing about doing that is that then you can throw them at the screen and scream cattledog. Good luck!


* may not actually be legendary.

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erroltips update: now with added cancer

June 2nd, 2011

Time to check in on tips! Where am I, you may ask? NOWHERE. THAT’S WHERE.

Shaggy owned last week with a perfect round (does that still get you a Whopper?) and the bestest margin:

And the omnipresent BroncoBaby is still sitting on top of the overall leaderboard with voodoorock:

Amazing work guys. In no way am I bitter at my own terrible for- … HEY! IS THAT A SHIRTLESS MAN WITH CLIPPERS?

via Gregg Porteous

Indeed it is. It’s a shirtless Jeremy Smith weilding clippers at Shark Park. And if you speak Spanish, you’ll already know that ‘Shark Park’ translates roughly to ‘graveyard of halfbacks’. We learned that from Anchorman.

The reason for the clippers? It’s call to arms week in the NRL, so the clubs and the boys are finding crafty ways to raise money and awareness for men’s cancer.

via Reece Carter

I was trying to explain this at work the other day and may have accidentally referred to it as “YOU KNOW, CANCER WEEK”, but you know what I mean. My idiot heart was in the right place. (Mainly, that’s with my burly, hilarious, polo-shirted menace of an uncle who’s having chemo for cancer at the moment … love you uncle Linden! He even had to give up drinking, which we all know is the absolute worst. Cancer, you Machiavellian bastard.)

Luckily for all of us, the Sharks decided to do this by shaving moustaches and taking their shirts off. It’s our favourite kind of fundraising. Next, we would like to suggest they wear hotpants and hold a carwash. Pretty sure Jeremy Smith would rock the hell out of a pair of American Apparel running shorts, and it’s common knowledge that everyone loves a carwash set to disco classics.

Wanna help? Here’s the list of everything happening this weekend.

Happy tipping, kids!

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