the oh errol awards 2010: the fuzzy duckling award

October 12th, 2010

Another day, another Errol award open for voting! This one is one we’ve brought back through popular demand: the Fuzzy Duckling award for the Cutest Rookie in League.

If anything, this is the award the Dally Ms are missing. Yes, yes, we can all see that Matt Gillett played a cracker of a year of football. We know because we spent most of them in front of our televisions eating pizza and pointing out that exact fact. But can the Dally Ms tell me whether little Matty is more or less adorable than Matt Duffie?

I think not. Maybe if they could figure out a way to scientifically evaluate cuteness, they would finally make it onto free to air television like the logies. Just saying.

To be honest, cuteness is a tricky thing. For example, there were heated discussions in the Errol HQ breakroom over whether Hep Cahill could be included in this category. Firstly, because we couldn’t remember how many first-grade games you can play and still be a rookie the next year (Lachie looked it up, it’s four). Secondly, because we weren’t sure if Hep Cahill was too hot to be cute as well and had to google “Hep Cahill shirtless” to check. It’s called RESEARCH.

Thirdly, because then we all got distracted and stared into space a little thinking about shirtless Hep Cahill.

Wait … where was I?

Our plan to send in Brett White to collect evidence didn’t work out well as we as planned.
Pic. Getty Images

Whatever, here are the nominees. If your choice isn’t there, remember you can cast a wild card vote in the comments section!


Matt’s hobbies enjoy daydreaming, weaving frangipanni necklaces and taking long drives on a Sunday.

Pic. Canberra Times


If you’re wondering what the result was of the whole Hep Cahill debacle in the Errol office, it was that we remembered one important thing: we actually don’t really give a shit about rules. It’s the Errol awards, we can do whatever we want. And since there wasn’t a Rookie of the Year award for 2009, we’re nominating Crokes for 2010 instead. How could we possibly leave out a man who gets matching highlights with Joel Monaghan and wears a bucket hat without irony?

Back in round 13 when we road-tripped down to Canberra to watch the Raiders play the Titans, Crokes told us he could never ever move to Sydney. The reason? He already thinks Canberra is too big a city. He may or may not have gotten lost more than once in our nation’s capital. Straight. Up. Adorable.


It’s not easy to win our hearts in a Melbourne Storm jersey. For Cooper Cronk, it took three sustained years of unadulterated fierceness to wear us down. Billy Slater had to lose the World Cup final and be generally hated before we started loving him out of sheer contrariness. But Matt Duffie’s case, it happened the second we saw that hilarious badge. Love!

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