cattledog minutes: the winner is ….

May 27th, 2011


We resisted the temptation to give up on life after another Origin loss, and are back with a mixture of defiance, pride, and maybe a little nausea. It’s possible that two breakfasts were a bad choice. And thanks to the incredible Greg Bird, our Cattledog Minutes comp was a success. Hurrah!

If you hold this photo to your ear, you can hear us yelling “FUCK YEAH BIRDMAN!”
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And no complaints, please. We gave intern John John some striped hotpants and a whistle and let him be the official timer, and he has declared that the first official Cattledog incident happened in the 81st minute.

Which means the winner is our boy Luke Richardson, who tweeted a guess of 72 minutes. Onya Lukey!

To say congratulations, the dudes over at M&Ms gave us some sweet buckets of Origin M&Ms to send you – just email us at errol@oherrol.com and tell us your address and whether you would prefer to eat your own team, or the Maroons.

Also since they’re not promo M&Ms if you guys want some for Origin 2 you can get ’em at Coles for $12.50 … the only problem is the won’t taste like VICTORY like Luke’s will.

Now get on the email Lukey … we’re waiting for your call! The rest of oyu meet us on Twitter or Facebook on the day of Origin 2 for the next round of cattledog minutes xx

Pic. Getty Images

  • http://twitter.com/mickrad mickrad

    I need those M&M’s now..

  • Anonymous

    is it just me, or do you kind of want to buy the maroon ones? I would quite like to give each one the name of a queensland player before I chomp ’em.

  • Lozzy

    do the blue ones taste like sad?

  • Anonymous

    they taste like JUST SHUT UP LOZZY